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Battle Cry Ministries is an international interdenominational evangelistic ministry. Our objective is to reach the nations with the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To fulfill the Great Commission, we have developed a ministry concept modeled after the ministry of Jesus. Currently we have teams in Europe, Africa, Greece, the USA, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Philippines, and India. For the past 8 years, we have traveled extensively in the nations establishing a base in many countries. This year, 2008, God is shifting our focus from evangelistic to provisionary. We are currently raising up apostles, prophets, and intercessors in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we are establishing a new base in the US. Our new focus is prophetic schooling. These 3-day seminars are scheduled to be held on several dates in 2008.    > Read more

BCMI in Israel

Battle Cry Ministries has been a part of God's work in Israel in several different capacities. In light of our upcoming trip, we'd like you to look back on previous trips and stories with us.

The trip to Israel in 2007 was a lifechanging event for all of the 12 who were chosen to attend. The trip started out with a supernatural visitation from the Lord to Reverend Deborah. From that visitation, many miracles began to take place: divine appointments, finances, etc.

The team went with a specific mission to anoint different places and pray strategically in Jerusalem and the Eastern Wall (which is the Golden Gate.) The Golden Gate is directly across from the Mount of Olives, where Scripture tells us that Jesus will place His foot when He returns(Zechariah 14:4). Without going into lengthy detail, we know that (like a SWAT team) we hit our mark. The baptism in the Jordan River was also a lifechanging event. After praying secifically for a manifestation of doves, God sent 3 doves (Matthew 3:16). At the wall, the team also had specific instructions to go in bridal attire - signifying that the Jewish bride is about to be revealed, and that the Messiah has come already. Our Jewish guide, not Messianic, was reluctant at first to let us go to the Wall in our bridal attire. However, after a season of prayer, he suggested that we go. There were concerns that this could be insulting to the Jewish people, however, we were warmly received as a bridal party and many of them asked to take photographs with us!

Many miracles took place at every site, and the Glory of God was present with us through the whole trip. Since matter has memory, and Jesus walked the same hills and valleys, every ministry that was represented has undergone transformation (Luke 19:40).